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Sony Vaio E Series Laptop Computer

Sony Vaio E Series Laptop Computer
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The Sony Vaio E Series laptop is one of the latest cutting-edge portable computers to be produced by Sony. This chic and stylish laptop is irresistible to touch. However, it is not only the design that makes Sony Vaio E Series laptop attractive. The laptop features an inbuilt camera that boasts of face-tracking know-how as well as a prebuilt microphone that enables you to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family through video messaging. Other features that the manufacturer has included in the Sony E Series laptop are Intel Wireless Display, Intel core processor and 15-inch screen display amongst others.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a laptop but are unsure about what you want to acquire, keep reading this article to the very end.

Size and weight

Perhaps the most attractive feature about the Sony Vaio E Series laptop is the size and weight. The laptop weighs roughly 5 pounds. This is inclusive of the battery weight. The 14-inch screen also ensures that the laptop is easily portable. However, other accessories included in the package that may increase the overall weight are AC adapter as well as the power cord.

Processing power

In comparison to other laptops in the market, the Sony Vaio E Series is a powerful computer. The laptop is available for sale in three different types of processors. These are:

-          2.20 GHz Intel Pentium processor.

-          2.30 GHz Intel Core i3 processor.

-          2.50 GHz Intel Core i5 processor.

With such speeds, you can be guaranteed of fast data processing as well as multi-tasking.

Operating System

The Sony Vaio E Series laptop comes preloaded with either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional. The two operating systems are 64-bit operating systems.


The laptop comes with a default 4GB RAM capacity that can be upgraded to 8GB. The 4GB RAM capacity is designed to complement the Intel Core processor, thereby ensuring that the laptop does not hang constantly due to heavy work load. The laptop is also loaded with a 320 GB hard drive. However, there are versions that come with either a 500GB or 640GB hard disk.

Other cutting-edge features that have been included in the laptop are VGA output, HDMI output, Optical Drive (DVD or Blu-ray disc), Intel HD graphics, Intel High Definition Audio, Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet LAN and prebuilt webcam.

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