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How to Choose a Laptop Computer

How to Choose a Laptop Computer
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Thanks to advanced technology, laptops are more powerful than desktop computers. Moreover, their design and portability makes them more appealing to consumers. Given that a laptop computer can provide you with the same capability as a desktop computer, more and more PC users are opting to buy laptops instead of desktops. Hence, if you are considering buying a laptop computer, you will find this article quite an interesting read. To find out more, keep reading to the end.


Operating System

The operating system loaded in the laptop computer is of critical importance as it will not only determine the security level, but compatibility with other hardware devices and applications. Windows 7 Operating System is the best in terms of security and compatibility. Whereas Windows XP SP3 is still accessible in the market, it is important to point out that Microsoft plans to stop support for Windows XP SP3 by 2014. Moreover, Windows 7 comes with advanced security features such as parental control and encryption. This in turn means that you can rest assured that no one will tamper with your data. What’s more is that Windows 7 is not prone to errors such as Bluescreen.

Other types of software that should be installed in the laptop include antivirus and Microsoft Office 2010.


Hardware features and specifications will hinge on your needs. For example, if you want a laptop PC that you can use for basic office work such as surfing the web and creating word documents, you do not need to buy a PC with advanced hardware features. Nonetheless, the following are the bare minimum hardware specifications that a good laptop computer ought to have:

-          RAM: Ensure that the laptop has at least 2GB RAM capacity. This ensures that the PC can process data in the shortest time possible and can handle a lot of work without hanging.

-          CPU: The best laptops are built with Pentium dual-core processor. A 2.3 GHz dual-core processor can process data twice as fast as a traditional desktop computer.

-          Hard disk: Make certain that the laptop contains a 200 GB hard disk. This ensures that you can store all of your data in the same hard disk.

-          Connectivity: One of the reasons of buying a laptop is to access the internet no matter where you are. Hence, check if the laptop has Wi-Fi connection as this will enable you to access internet in hotspot zones.

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