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Apple iPad 3 Review

Apple iPad 3 Review
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The Apple iPad 3 is the ultimate portable communication device that everybody needs to have. In contrast to the netbook, iPad 3 is features superior hardware and is light in weight. Some of the features included in this cutting-edge mobile device are 5 megapixel camera, 16 GB memory and an A5X processor.

Perhaps one of the features that you will find attractive about the Apple iPad 3 is the display. Whereas a number of consumers will be fast to point out that the display cannot be regarded as a real Retina Display given that it boasts of a 264 pixel density rather than 326 pixel density that iPhone featured, it is important to point out that the device gives a high quality output display.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying an iPad but are not sure of the features and specifications, you will find this article quite an interesting read. To find out more, keep reading to the very end.


The iPad 3 features an A5X chip. In comparison to the type of processor fitted in the previous versions of iPad, the A5X processor is quite powerful. The increased power enables you to play high definition games that require fast processors. The A5X processor is complemented by a 1GB RAM memory. This ensures that you will not have to endure with a lot of hanging while using the device.

Internet connectivity

The manufacturer has included a Wi-Fi internet connection that can run on a 4G mobile network. The increased internet speeds ensures that you can download music, movies and games in the shortest time possible as if you were on a 3G network. Moreover, the increased internet speed guarantees that you can chat with colleagues, friends and family members through video chat without experiencing hitches.

Inbuilt camera

The Apple iPad 3 comes with a 5 megapixel camera. The device boasts of a front and rearview camera. This in turn means that you can capture images with extreme ease. The 5MP camera also ensures that you can capture high quality images without the need of buying a digital camera.


The Apple iPad 3 comes with a 16GB memory. However, there are versions that are accessible in the market with either a 32GB or 64GB memory.

While there is no doubt that the Apple iPad 3 is a cutting-edge communication device, it lacks global positioning system (GPS) as well as proprietary USB connector.

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